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picture of Annie Locke Hello.  Thanks for dropping in.  You've found the website for my music - I hope you enjoy looking around and trying some of it!  Annie

Annie's music has been around since 1985, when she recorded The Living Earth, followed by Portraits and later Memories.  She also began the Inner Harmonies Music label back in 1985.

Annie has often been viewed as one of the better known exponents of 'new age' music in the UK.  Coming from a classically trained background however she considers her roots lie closer to classical music and romantic melody.  Her music continues to be sought after for its uplifting, relaxing and melodious quality today as ever.

picture of Nigel ShawSelling largely by 'word of mouth' her albums have sold worldwide and have been used in a host of circumstances to help produce an atmosphere of calm.  Her American distributor once told her that her music had been used in maternity wards across parts of America; and over 5,000 babies had been born while listening to her Portraits album.  Only very recently she heard that her first album, The Living Earth, is being played in MRI scanning at 'Cancer Centers of America', at Tulsa.

Read a bit more on Annie.

Nigel Shaw

Check out the music of old friend Nigel Shaw.  Nigel is a long established recording artist and performer of some wonderfully inspiring music - take a look!

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  Evesham UK Links - my own backyard

  1. Progress with IT
    Get IT training in your own home - within reach of Evesham, Worcestershire, UK.  Offers training and support across a range of programs. Professional help for beginners and sole trader business needs.
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